STICKER MANIA - Cindy Shoaff

Sep 26, 2014


We LOVE LOVE LOVE stickers in First Grade.  I mean, we are basically obsessed. 

We give stickers for everything!  Stickers for great work.  Stickers for beautiful handwriting.  Stickers for church attendance, for losing teeth, and for memorizing Bible verses.  Stickers for making rhymes.  (RHYME TIME!)  And, of course, stickers for being “Good Little Monkeys”! 

Stickers are our way of calling attention to all the wonderful things that happen in First Grade.  There are so many victories.  We see a million reasons to get excited every day.  We don’t want the fabulous moments to pass us by unnoticed, or especially un-celebrated. Stickers make things fun.  Whether it’s a sparkly rainbow, a cool dinosaur, or a shiny gold star – a sticker marks something and someone as SPECIAL! 

Even better than the cute and colorful stickers themselves, are the faces of the ones who get a sticker.  The sticker means something.  They put it on their foreheads because they want everyone to see it.  They put it on a special book or folder because they want to keep it forever.  They wear it proudly on their hands and on their shirts, because the sticker is saying to people, “Yes!  I am amazing!  Something fantastic happened to me today.”

When I look around at my sticker-covered Firsties on any given day, I think, “We know how to “rejoice in the Lord always.”  We are learning to see the blessings and gifts and successes happening all the time and we call them out and say, “WOW!  That’s terrific!  Way to go!”  And what’s really neat, we don’t just sticker each other for the A plus stuff that we do.  We get stickers for saying we’re sorry when we hurt our friends.  We get stickers for helping someone who is falling behind.  We get stickers for working longer and trying harder than we want to instead of giving up.  And since in First Grade band-aids are as cool as stickers, we get a sort of “sticker” every time we have a boo-boo or something that hurts. 

God is using stickers to teach us to “Consider it pure joy, when we face trials of many kinds.”  We may not realize it yet in First Grade, but one day we will see that “the testing of our faith develops perseverance.”  So when we do great, we sticker it and thank God for His help.  And when First Grade is hard and we don’t get it all right, we can sticker it and know that working hard, practicing, and trying again are special qualities too.  Even when the day is long and we make mistakes and we wish we could’ve had just had recess all day, we will find things to sticker, because even on those days, God is up to something good in our hearts and minds.