Sonlight's Board of Directors has set an annual budget which covers personal expenses. The total budget for each missionary varies depending on marital status and number of children. Some personal costs, such as passport and vaccination fees, are a missionary's personal responsibility.

In addition to the budgeted amount, each missionary is encouraged to raise support for ministry work at Sonlight. All income is donation-based and the staff is asked to participate in the work of funding projects and work.

Taking into consideration these variables, the minimum budget for a single missionary is $19,800 for the first year. The minimum budget for a missionary couple is $37,970 for the first year. As time of service on the field increases, salary and other expenses will increase, as will the support-raising expectations of missionaries to cover these increases.

A missionary's budget pays for the following expenses:

  • Airfare to/from Haiti – travel to Haiti in August and return trip to the states at the end of the ministry year
  • Travel and taxes – includes all expenses for travelling to Port-de-Paix at the beginning of the year, return expenses to Port-au-Prince, quarterly charges for renewing visas, and exit taxes.
  • Approved expenses for travel in the states for fund-raising for Sonlight.
  • Moving expenses and supply shipments to Haiti are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Health coverage – through Samaritan Medical Ministries. Sonlight does not pay more than the premium nor provide coverage for missionaries who are already covered under another health plan.
  • Housing and utilities –includes rent, furniture and utilities
  • Monthly salary
  • Mail service
  • School day lunches – provided each school day for all teachers and their families.
  • Re-entry fund - $100/month savings held in escrow for when the missionary leaves the mission field permanently. 
  • Approved mission work/ministry projects