Sonlight missionaries partner with churches and individual Christians who provide financial assistance to meet each individuals personal expense budget and support the ministry as a whole. Sonlight missionaries each raise their own support by approaching family, friends, community groups, and churches for assistance.

Sonlight relies on support raised by its teacher team to be able to fund its ministry work throughout the year. Although each missionary raises support individually, please don't limit your support-raising efforts if your goal amount is achieved. In the same way, please take heart if you don't achieve your goal before you leave for the field. Sonlight missionaries essentially help one another reach their budget goals by sharing support surplus and deficits. However, our hope is that you will be able to reach your own goal through prayerful, persistent support-raising efforts.
The most common way of raising support is asking churches and individuals to make monthly pledges and one-time gifts on your behalf. A sample support letter has been provided for guidance. You may change the letter to better fit your needs, but there are several specific procedures that must be followed to satisfy IRS requirements. Please read and follow the directions below:

  • All funds raised by Sonlight staff need to be deposited into the Sonlight Ministries account. Upon acceptance to Sonlight, Sonlight's accountant will set up an individual account for you.
  • In your first letter of communication to friends and supporters, be sure to ask them to make their checks payable to Sonlight Ministries, to indicate your name in the memo field, and to send donations directly to Sonlight Ministries, P.O. Box 8031, Evansville, IN 47716.
  • Income will be credited to your account as it's received. Each month, you will receive a printout showing how much income has been received into your account.
  • All funds sent to Sonlight Ministries for your support will be under the control of Sonlight Ministries and will be used exclusively for Sonlight Ministries as approved by the Board of Directors. Sonlight personnel must obtain board approval to raise any additional personal funds.
  • Once a receipt is issued, no amount may be refunded to the donor or forwarded to you. If there is a surplus in your account (over your monthly budgeted amount) or if you are unable or choose not to complete work with Sonlight, your account's funds will be appropriated by Sonlight Ministries to be used for ministry.