Who's that driving the big John Deere tractor down the dusty streets of Rue Chalet? Who's that loading the red truck with crates and boxes from the boat? Who's that slapping high fives to all the neighbor kids? That's John Niehaus, of course!

Who's that sitting in her office surrounded by walls of books, mountains of paperwork, and trinkets from students in every nook and cranny? Who's that in the store room sorting through towers of boxes taller than she is that have been shipped in for Sonlight students? Who's that stealing away from the kitchen with a warm slice of sweet bread and a fresh cup of coffee? It's none other than Carmen Niehaus!

And who's that confident sixth grader with the pigtails and million dollar smile? Who's that calling the shots in a game with her cousins in the schoolyard? Who's that winning the hearts of everyone she meets? Why, it's the biggest Niehaus personality of them all – it's Bella!