The Shoaff family is brand-new to Sonlight this year! Rob and Cindy are graduates of Kentucky Christian University and spent five years in Spain after college, so leaving home is not new to them.

Rob loves language study and is learning Haitian Creole quickly. He was a pastor in Ohio before coming to Haiti, and at Sonlight teaches community English, World Religions at Sonlight Bible College, and seventh grade Bible.

Cindy is first of all, and most importantly, mom to Samuel, Andrew, Abigail and Grace. She shows interest in others and is quick to make them feel comfortable. Cindy is quiet, but when she speaks, everyone listens. She is kind, gracious, and always has a smile on her face – great qualities in a first grade classroom! Shoaff kids are well-mannered, sweet, and are quickly taking over the top spots in their respective grades!