If you know Sonlight, you know Roger and Norma Alexander. The list of their titles is extensive: chief visionary, head chef, teacher, preacher, hostess, repairman, Mammy, Papaw, founder, former leader, nurse, pharmacist, accountant, mom, and dad. And this just scratches the surface! Roger and Norma served the Haitian people in Port-de-Paix for thirty years. They watched babies be born and then graduate high school; lived through the 90's embargoes and the 2012 earthquake; raised their two youngest children there and assisted countless Haitians and American missionaries as they raise theirs. They have lived a rich and humble life, and it doesn't take more than a cup of coffee with them to get the stories to start pouring out! Their faithfulness to stick with God's plan even when they are uncertain of the outcome has been and continues to be an inspiration to all those who know them.