A Note from Norma

Sep 25, 2015

Dear family and friends,

oh my, where to start - how do you explain a roller coaster ride?  and you get off breathless and still no explanation!
When we came to the states in June this year, I especially came for some 'rest'.  : )  I was extremely tired and thinking a change of pace and 'rest' would do the trick.  It seemed I just could not quite 'catch up'.  I had my regular doctor appointments (Roger went with me, and told the doctor how much I was sleeping.  : )  He was not used to my 'schedule' which included naps and no energy!  Roger is a 'get it fixed' sort of person.  : )  whether it be generators or people : ) , but I was 'determined' I would be alright, so on August 14th, we returned to Haiti.  The teachers, returned and a group from Southland Christian Church came in to help 'ready things' for school. busy times!  
I was exhausted.  Not just tired, My body was telling me I needed sleep to repair what was wrong.  : )  My family was worried, what in the world was wrong with Mom?  I went to our dear Dr. Yrvose in Port-de-Paix and had blood tests and a vitamin shot.  tests all looked good.  NO problem!  okay, get back with the program!  but my body could not seem to get the message.  It became apparent to the girls and Roger and needed some medical attention that I was not getting.  So, they called Dr. Bob Johnson, who has been our 'personal physician' for thirty years!  always our 'go-to person'.  He said it seemed I needed to come to the states for some tests.
My incredible 'travel team',  Carmen and Crista, made arrangements with MAF in Haiti, and MFI in the states to bring me to Ft. Pierce, FL, to meet Dr. Bob and Betty Johnson.  MAF sent a plane, (with an extra pilot)  who prayed and cared for me!, and met the MFI plane in Port au Prince, who had a bed for me!  (wonderful caring people) and I got into Ft. Pierce at 5:00 P.M..
This next portion of my care is a God thing, orchestrated by Dr. Bob and the doctors at Melbourne hospital.   I arrived at Ft. Pierce Intl airport at 4:55.  by 5:00 had cleared customs and was in a 'bed' in Dr. Bob and Betty's vehicle, and headed to Melbourne.  At. 6:00, we pulled up to the hospital, they took by name at the emergency entrance, gave them my passport, i was 'banded' with their identification.  by 6:15 I was in an examining room starting tests.  DOES THAT HAPPEN?
My God is an awesome God, and his servants were operating at maximum speed and efficiency.
I had all sorts of tests, and shortly before 9:00 they came in and said I was scheduled for a CAT scan.
this part of the story happened BEFORE leaving the U.S.  - I was dusting the shelves above the couch. - standing ON the couch, one foot on the armrest, and when I started to descend  : )  I lost my footing and fell backwards OFF the couch!  I gracefully hit the open front door with my head and fell on the wooden book wagon of childrens' books  on my back.   SO ANNOYING!, how could I be so clumsy?   I cried for a minute, dusted off my pride, and told Roger and the kids, I WAS FINE.  - the soreness would soon go away!.     
All this to say,in my records, 'i had fallen' and hit my head.  (hence, the CAT scan)
It was because of this test, that my 'real problem' of multiple myeloma was discovered!  -\
DON'T WE HAVE AN AMAZING GOD?   and I had a diagnosis of cancer.  withing three hours of entering the U.S.  I was diagnosed with cancer.  There would be a bone marrow test to confirm and to do further testing, but by 10:00, I was on the Oncology floor of the hospital resting  comfortably.
Roger and I had been discussing for the past couple of years when best to 'step aside', pass on some of our responsibilities at Sonlight, and had prayed about this extensively.  HAD THIS JUST HAPPENED?  
The next day the cancer doctor came in to visit.  I liked him a LOT, as I had every health worker I had already met. (Dr. Bob knows how to pick doctors!) - and he asked me if I knew why he was there.  I had very calmly taken the news of cancer  - and THEN WE STARTED TALKING TREATMENT!  .  When he told me I would NOT be able to return to Haiti, my world came unglued!   But I had a 6 week old baby (Paige), an eight month old baby (Conrad), and a three year old (Evelyn) that 'needed' me.  besides that, we had a new puppy!  I needed 'MEDICINE TO GO'.  
Well, it seems I am the one with the Attitude Adjustment, and with God's help, it's coming!  
MY family surrounded me in Florida (THANKS TO ALL KINDS OF HELP!) too overwhelming !  God is so good.  Crista was there as my 'caretaker', Amber was there for 'comedy relief', and plenty of humor was needed AND available.  THE LOVE AND CARE I FELT MADE A DIFFERENCE! 
I stand amazed that such love is available.   THANK YOU doesn't touch it.  
hopefully, I can pass it on, -  
and for the record, I have finished by third cancer treatment today, - hardly any side affects, and I do intend to pass on God's love at every turn!
I have been blessed by family that LOVES ME,  friends that LOVE ME,  and the outpouring of love that has happened! - IT HAS TO MAKE A DIFFERERCE IN THIS WORLD!  it certainly has in my little corner!  and it's spreading!  
I will be at 2124 Washington, Evansville, IN for treatment .  I am gaining strength.  Amber is here this week to 'pamper me', and allowing me  to enjoy grandchildren.   OH MY, WHAT DARLINGS!.
At first, the meds made me shaky and I could not type.  but it seems to be improving.  
(swallowing 20 or so pills still puts me close to the edge.  : )  
Have I rambled too long?  push delete!  : )
I want people to know how much I love and appreciate them, - I have calls, cards, prayers, gifts, flowers, afghans, food,   WHAT CAN I SAY - I HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED.  
This season of my life hold new challenges, and I'm ready! Roger and I still plan to work and help as much and in any way we can from here. I just pray that you may be blessed as you have blessed me, and I will do my best to pass these blessings on.  thank you .
love, Mom, Jeannie, Norma, Mammy  - whatever your name for me, know that you are loved!