Building on the...

Oct 14, 2015



So, this week, I (Mme. Rob, a.k.a. Cindy Shoaff) am preparing to teach the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders in First Grade. We have been working our way through Jesus stories – some life events and some parables. We want to “be like Jesus,” so we are learning what Jesus SAYS, with the hope that it will help us as we follow Him. Good stuff. 

Now that we’ve been in school for about 6 weeks, I can predict certain things about this First Grade class. As I imagine telling them the Builders Parable, I think I know a few things that are bound to happen.

1. They will LOVE the song with motions....especially the “pounding” part when we are “building.”

2. They will side with the Wise Builder. In this class, we always love the good guy!

3. When the Foolish Builder’s house comes crashing down, we will probably laugh hysterically and fall off our chairs to show how super funny that is! (For some strange reason, human tragedy seems to invoke a somewhat inappropriate, if not hilarious, response – we crack up laughing when crazy, bad stuff happens, especially if it is really over the top...e.g., a guy’s whole house crashing down!)

As I imagine telling the story to my class, and think about what I want them to really walk away with, I am struck by a very simple fact. This story is all about how we begin.  Both guys in the story make a house. Both guys face rain and floods. The story isn’t really about how their life stories are different, because, basically, they’re the same. The difference is in how they each begin. The difference, of course, is what they build on in the first place. It’s not about how big or small or modern or traditional the houses are. It’s not about when or why or for how long the storms come beating down on them. It’s about where they chose to build. Stone or sand. 

This realization is beautiful to me, because I think that’s really what we’re thinking of at Sonlight. We can’t control or know the details of the lives our students will build.  We don’t determine the storms that come crashing in on them.  But we DO tell them this: Build on the Rock. Choose the One who is strong. Make sure your foundation is Jesus. Be the “wise man.”

So, in First Grade, when we learn this story, we will pound our desks when we sing the song, and we will fall down laughing at the misfortune of the “sandy” builder. But, more than anything, I hope the truth is planted and believed and held on to by each little heart. Take the words of Jesus and “put them into practice.” Build your life on the Rock. Matthew 7:24-27