Box of Chocolates - by Tara Hibbs

Oct 26, 2015


Teaching high school is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get!  Every time the bell rings for the passing period, my heart begins to quicken.  I have just spent the past forty-seven minutes digesting the English language with one class, and another class is about to enter into my room for another forty-seven minutes of language dissection.  Studying English is so much fun!  High school teenagers, you never know!

Do you remember the sensitivity you had in high school?  Do you remember the days when you were incredibly happy: family is good; friends are good; school is good; hair is good.  Then do you remember the days when you felt incredibly lost: I got in trouble with mom; I bombed that science quiz; my friend is upset with me; who is God, really?

This makes teaching high school a joy, yet also it is much like the quote from Forrest Gump.  When students walk into my classroom, I do not know in that instant what they just came from.  I don’t know why they are super sweet and rich like the caramel pieces of candy.  They show up to class ready for discussion filled with layers of understanding.  I don’t know why they are the pieces of candy filled with nuts!  I don’t what happened last hour or at home that is causing them to act out in class.  In that instant greeting, I don’t know why they are the bitter coffee flavored pieces of candy.  They are shut down.  They don’t want to participate.  They want to sulk.

But, I do know what makes all of those different flavors (sweet, bitter, and nutty) into candy.  It’s sugar!  No matter what my students are experiencing amongst friends, family, and other classes (or hair-dos), I can give them as much sweetness and love as possible.  I can show them the love of the Father to maybe, perchance, make them sweet as candy.

Jesus says that we will be known by our love.  I pray my students know me for my love.  I pray they know God for His love.  I pray they will practice it, as well, and be known for their love!