Many, Many Thanks - by Susan Hammond

Nov 18, 2015



Where to start?  I’m not sure.  So let’s start from the beginning.




He called.


In his mercy and grace, someone listened.


And now there is this thing called Sonlight.


It’s an awesome place.  God is moving and working all around.  Students are hearing the true gospel.  Lives are being changed.  Students lives, teachers lives.  My life.




I get to work there. I get to see the ins and outs.  I get to teach the kids.  I get to invest.  I get stretched and challenged in my own faith.


I get to make an eternal difference, and so do many of you.

And for that, I’m so thankful!


I don’t even have a clue as to how many people actually make Sonlight a reality.  There are so many people who have felt God’s prompting to do something and have acted on it!  To them I say, “Thank you!”



What makes me so thankful this season?


It’s the people who sacrificially give so that we can live and work here.  Thank you!



It’s the groups that come to visit Sonlight, who work in the classrooms, love on the kids, and serve wherever we need them.  Thank you!




It’s the ladies who sweep the floor and clean the classrooms after a long day of learning.  Thank you!




It’s the folks who take on the financial commitment of sponsoring a student, helping them pursue an education in a place where education is not always an option.  Thank you!




It’s the people who send Christmas gifts to the students and collect supplies for our school.  Without you we’d have no crayons, no paper, no pencils.  Thank you!




It’s the people who shop, pack, and load the crates and supplies, which are then sent to Sonlight via ship.  Thank you!




It’s the lady who works everyday in the kitchen to make snack for the students.  Thank you!




It’s the men who work hard to keep the buildings in good shape and keep the water and electricity working, so we don’t melt and so we can make copies.  Thank you!


It’s the prayers of our friends and our families back home.  We will never fully know what those prayers have meant and how they’ve sustained us.  Thank you!


It’s the notes and the emails that folks send to check up on us, the encouragement.  Thank you!




It’s the assistants who grade the papers, help in the classrooms, serve the students day in and day out.  Thank you!




It’s the Sonlight graduates who are now investing in the next generation of Sonlight students.  Thank you!




For so many reasons this season I give thanks to the One who in His mercy and grace has called us into the hard yet amazing life.


Thank you so much for joining with us in His mission!