Meet Our Staff and Teachers!

Oct 28, 2019

Preschool   Mme. Johnson (Ermitha Marcelus), a 2009 Sonlight graduate, has been working at Sonlight since she graduated, first as an assistant in Preschool and now as the teacher! She is gentle and kind – perfect for preschool!  She is married to Johnson Charité and they have 2 children. Their older son, Wedh, is 5 and in Kindergarten. Their baby, Julissa Neika, is 2 years old. Working in preschool with her are Mme. Emmanuel Alexis, Macdala Gue ('12) and Jeff Virgile (’17). 

Kindergarten   Cara (Alexander) Wimpelberg loves kids and teaching, which makes for a great combination in a kindergarten teacher!  She loves literature (especially Shakespeare!) and in the afternoons helps her high school students understand it.  Cara grew up in Haiti; she understands the country and wants to help others love Haiti as well. Cara and her husband, Thom, love raising their four kids here. 

First Grade Sara Decius, Hilary Decius and Adlyn Davert are busy co-teaching first graders.   Miss Sara Decius (‘13) is tiny and soft-spoken but knows how to handle unruly first graders! A Sonlight graduate, Sara now has an adorable daughter in Sonlight kindergarten. Adlyn Davert ('17), and Hilary Decius ('14 ) complete the first grade teaching team, and are creating a joyful classroom. Mme. Bazile has been 1st grade assistant since 2003.    


Second Grade    Kala Bunse is back! Kala taught Sonlight’s 4th grade right out of college. She left us to get married and is now back after 11 years with her husband, Josh, and two sons, Westen and Wyler. Kala is artsy and sweet. Her sense of humor is quiet and very funny! We are glad to have Mme. Johnny as a long-time assistant in 2nd grade.   

Third Grade   Lucas Decius (’17) and Thaina Eugene (’19) are our 3rd grade teachers! Last year he worked with our high school students, but he loves our little students and asked to move back to third grade. He is teaching like a pro! He is organized and a planner. Thaina is teaching health to our third graders. Miss Edithe is a long-time assistant in 3rd grade. 

Fourth Grade   Janeuve Charlot has been at Sonlight since 2004.  The students listen attentively to Janeuve and in her classroom everyone is happily working. Janeuve’s only daughter, Talia, is in 7th grade. Mme Jacques is the fourth grade assistant this year. She teaches grades 1 – 3 Sunday School! Mme Jacques and her husband have a beautiful little girl.   

Fifth Grade Alicia Bridges – a one-word description of her is “tenderhearted.” She humbly teaches fifth grade and junior worship at Sonlight Church.  Before moving to Haiti, Alicia worked as a dental hygienist in Blue Springs, Missouri and their family attended Blue Springs Christian Church. Scott and Alicia have two grown daughters: Alaina and Anessa.  

Sixth Grade  Thom Wimpelberg is back! After on and off cancer treatment the past two years, Thom is back full-time in 6th grade, full of jokes and teaching ideas. Thom loves kids, Haitian History, and sharing Christ in all he does. Pray for Thom. He and Cara have four children, Riley, Chase, Evelyn and Paige. Marc Celestin (’19) and Mme. Frankie assist in 6th grade. 

Middle School  Merrie Jean-Baptiste (’17) teaches French to 5th, 8th grades. Parlez-vous français? Merrie can teach you! She also teaches literature in 7th and 8th grades. 


Middle School  Graduate Albertha Poliard (‘17) with a gentle and quiet spirit teaches her favorite subject, Math, and assists in 7th grade.  


Middle School   Evenson Julbera (’13) always greets you with a pleasant hello! Evenson graduated salutatorian from Sonlight Bible College in May 2017 and now he’s busy teaching our junior high (Bible and History), a high school World History class and classes at Sonlight Bible College.    

High School   Jethro Gué (’13) not only understands math, he loves it! Very quiet, Jethro teaches all high school math with the calm intensity he had as a student himself.    Wilny Mondesir (‘19) assists Jethro.

High School   Scott Bridges teaches science and computers, but truly there isn’t an area that he couldn’t easily teach. He is as comfortable with 3rd and 4th Sunday School as with senior high Anatomy and Physiology. He knows computers and the internet and keeps us all up and running – all related questions are directed to him, and he’s very humble about knowing everything! As Sonlight’s President of the Board, Scott is gracious to use all his time to help the rest of us with absolutely anything.   

High School   Guerline Francoeur graduated in 2005 and has worked at Sonlight for 12 years! Many students see her as a mother figure and thank her for giving them good advice. Guerline has been our middle and junior high French teacher and this year she took on high school grammar and two high school Literature classes. Guerline has two children, Karl (8th grade) and Aliyah (6th grade).

High School  A 2014 graduate, Freud Dubreus, has been a part of Sonlight Church and Academy nearly all his life. Freud proctors the Sonlight Bible classes and is our official on-call photographer for all adorable moments in classrooms and schoolyard. Freud is busy, as our tech guy at Sonlight Church – he’s there for every single service and event.  

High School   We are thrilled to have Dr. Blanc teaching Latin and Spanish, both new classes at Sonlight. Dr. Blanc is a medical doctor who studied at the University d’Etat d’Haiti for 7 years and graduated magna cum laude. He studied at the University of Michigan for 4 years and lived in New Jersey for 21 years, where he taught French, Spanish and Latin. In addition to teaching, Dr. Blanc is the director of a Nursing School in Port-de-Paix.   

French Teacher    A long-time friend and teacher at Sonlight, Mme Preval has worked at Sonlight since 1990! Mme. Preval teaches French to the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th grades.  She also tutors the 7th graders for the Haitian standardized French exam given each May.  

Sonlight Academy Principal   Carmen Niehaus may be small in stature, but she’s mighty in faith! You can find Carmen talking to a student or parent in the office, sorting books in the storeroom, or making copies and that’s just at 8:30 a.m.! She has served here since college, and seems to always know if an errant student needs a tough talk or just a loving hug! John and Carmen's eleven-year old, Bella, is in sixth grade.

Bible College Director    Jean-Ricot Louissaint is from Port-de-Paix and graduated from Immaculée Conception high school. He is married and just celebrated 20 years! Jean Ricot and his wife have 4 children, with the youngest two in the Academy. He graduated from SBC and did his Masters work in Limbé; he leads the Bible College with a quiet dignity, a deep love for God and a brilliant mind! 

Field Leader John Niehaus became a Christian as an adult, and is very aware of non-believers in our community. He has led several Sonlight workers to Christ and works alongside them in building and faith. He understands what it takes to make Sonlight tick and is constantly striving (behind the scenes) to keep the mission running smoothly and efficiently.  


Facillities and Maintenance Josh grew up on a dairy farm so he knows what hard work is! This is his second time to work at Sonlight, he served for a semester right out of college (Truman State) before marrying Kala in June of 2008. Since getting married, he has worked for John Deere in Macon, MO, with the GPS support team for tractors. Choosing to do eternal work moved them back to Sonlight! 

Office Manager  Mme. François (Ericka Gilbera '07) is the Sonlight office administrator, and keeps very busy juggling students, parents, teachers, and visitors. A trained nurse, Mme. François is able to keep her calm even in stressful moments. Her son Fabrice, is in Kindergarten.  

Finance Office Stephanie Cadet graduated from accounting school while becoming a baking expert in Norma Alexander's kitchen! She worked her way through college, and upon graduation was asked to work as one of Sonlight’s accountants. Stephanie is a hard worker and a joy to know! 

Sonlight Church  Pastor Franck Estalus is from Port-de-Paix. He graduated from the Lycée and later from Port-au-Prince Bible College. Sonlight Church was founded in 1991. Pastor Franck has been leading it since 1996. He is married and has 8 children and also teaches theology classes at Sonlight Bible College.