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For over 30 years, we have hosted visitors at our table in Port de Paix.  Over countless meals and conversations, we have heard many of the same words and phrases used to describe Haiti:  “impoverished,” “beautiful,” “unbelievable,” “poor,” “breathtaking,” but the reality of Haiti defies description. We try to equate our everyday life with life in Haiti, and it isn’t possible. Visiting on a short term trip is the best way to see, engage and understand what God is doing here. A mission trip is an adventure, a work oriented time, not a retreat. We can’t count how many times we’ve heard, “This trip changed my life!”  Changed lives is what mission work is all about.  Mission work is not limited to nations, cultures, or ethnic groups. Wherever you are, whatever your career, whatever your financial situation, you can make a difference.   

There are many ways visitors can help out while at Sonlight. Team members can assist teachers in classrooms and tutor individual students. There will also be opportunities to lead devotions or teach a Sunday school class. We always have a need for construction and maintenance workers. Groups can also plan or assist with special events for our church members, students or staff. We do not require special skills or background to be involved in any of these activities, and can always use a willing worker. If, however, someone on a team has a particular skill or background you think might be useful, we’d love to know in advance to plan for that. 

Sonlight organizes trips to downtown Port-de-Paix, to the market, to a Haitian hospital, a children’s home, and to homes of Haitian families. Visiting teams stay in a nearby hotel and eat all meals at the Sonlight compound. We do not require specific vaccinations to travel to Sonlight, but do recommend groups take malaria prophylaxis (one pill weekly) 1 week prior to the trip and 4 weeks after. Visiting teams to Sonlight stay for seven days, arriving and departing on consecutive Saturdays. Travel dates should be coordinated with Carmen Niehaus ( before making any travel arrangements, purchasing tickets or making reservations. Please note due to the current political and security situation in Haiti, groups are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in bringing a team to Haiti, please contact us beforehand to see if in-country transportation is available. 

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